Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Ape Must Not Kill Ape

Winson Ma ApexplorerCheck out the new Limited Ed. Apexplorer figure [pictured, right] from Hot Toys and Winson Ma, available right now over at Kidrobot. This is one sweet, furry 12-and-a-half-inch figure (the toy, not me).
Assigned to Earth by a remote Simian government from another galaxy, the Apexplorers are planet Earth's last chance for self-preservation. In 2106, the ecology of the planet has been badly destroyed and most of the population have fled in exile to nearby Mars. However, a group of stalwart inhabitants insist on staying and giving their last breath if needed to save the planet. The Apexplorers share the common hope of resurrecting Earth's environment and intend on using their millennium old mystical talents to aid the remaining humans left behind.
This extra-tall figure, created in conjunction with Canon, comes with a slew of accessories including a wide range of exploration gear and a scale model Canon EOS camera. The price is a little steep, at $229.95, which is the only thing keeping me from hitting the big, shiny, pink "Buy" button on the Kidrobot website. Otherwise, this hairy fellow would be joining the rest of my 12-inch figures on the shelf in my dining room.

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