Thursday, March 29, 2007

Bitter Sweets

Ryan Myers Bitter SweetsRyan Myers and PinkGhost would like to invite you to Bitter Sweets: Ryan Myers Solo Art Show Opening at PinkGhost.
Rain on parades, dropped ice cream cones; life has a way of balancing the good and the bad. Bitter Sweets: a solo show by Ryan Myers at PinkGhost in Ft. Lauderdale pits the bitter versus the sweet. Full of leering stares from disenchanted children, looming conversation hearts and other disastrous confections, this new series brings images of all-consuming melancholy to its paintings and custom vinyl toys. What better to explore the dichotomy of bitter/sweet than a candy land where contempt and loathing are disguised in cotton candy pinks and gumdrop greens.
Ryan Myers is a New York artist. His works have been included in various shows across the country. An opening reception for Bitter Sweets with the artist in attendance will be held on April 14th at 8pm with free coffee and cupcakes, awesome DJs and amazing artwork. Check out his figural work below.
Suicide Bomb by Ryan Myers    Tank Boy by Ryan Myers

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