Friday, February 09, 2007

The Most Expensive Shoes I Will Never Own

Nike Masterpiece AF1'sIn honor of the Nike Air Force 1's 25th Anniversary, Nike has released a couple of ridiculous pairs of custom, hand-made, Limited Ed. AF1's. They are entitled the Masterpiece collection and come in either brown Crocodile or white Anaconda. They are only available in the Nike Members Only Store online. They will only be available for two weeks in February and run $2,000 a pair. And that's why I call them ridiculous. Each pair is hand-made in Italy of the finest materials and features details like 18 karat gold-plated twist-off aglets and 18 karat gold-plated, laser-etched lace locks. The "sneakers" also come with a premium shoe bag to protect them during travel and cedar shoetrees engineered to the exact specifications of the AF1 to maintain the shoe's optimal shape and fit. These shoes are the ultimate rich, hip-hop superstar's wet dream. I just need a record or NBA contract and I could afford a pair. Maybe Nike should give me my own shoe deal for reppin' them so hard, that way I could afford a pair of the Croc AF1's and Nike could make their very own Limited Ed.-labeled kicks: red, white and black, like my blog colors. Until then, I will just have to dream.

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