Friday, February 23, 2007

Ride This!

Ghost Rider Vinyl Collectible DollGhost Rider 12-inch RAH Figure
I never really got into the Ghost Rider comics when I was a kid, although I did collect other comics. I don't remember if I thought they looked too scary or if I just preferred the straight-up superhero comics. Unfortunately, the movie version doesn't seem to be getting such good reviews from most sources. Luckily, there are some cool toys to make up for the lackluster reviews. It seems that Medicom Toy Co. has the monopoly on everything Ghost Rider-y. My personal favorite is the Ghost Rider Vinyl Collectible Doll [pictured above, left] that is available for pre-order from Ningyoushi. I just really like the super-deformed style of this figure. The giant, flaming skull-head, over-sized hands and feet give this stylized figure a great look, and I'm sure the soft vinyl gives it a great feel as well. Ningyoushi also has a 12" Medicom RAH version of Ghost Rider [pictured above, right] for pre-order. Medicom produces the best looking 12" figures of any toy company around, and this Ghost Rider figure is no exception. Of course, it is almost twice the price of the vinyl doll version, so there ya' go. Now if only they could have made a quality movie out of Ghost Rider, these figures would make a lot more sense.

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