Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Flash In The Pants

Coffee Art 8 Elite watchMarble Art 8 Elite watch

My favorite online watch store, Tokyflash has some new suprisingly non-LED watches available that are pretty swank. The new Limited Ed. Art 8 Elite Resin Watches from EleeNo are part of the Orbit Series Elite, the premium quality edition of the popular handless watches from EleeNo. These custom-made watches feature solid stainless steel construction, stunning resin inlays and highly accurate Super 2035 movement produced by Citizen Japan. The watch comes in two styles: Coffee [pictured above, left], featuring brown resin inlay, and Marble [pictured above, right], featuring a dark marbled resin inlay. These watches are only available from Tokyoflash and will run you ¥16800 or $138.84 American.

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