Monday, February 05, 2007

The Police Are Coming!

The London Police LadNot the ones with batons and guns who run amok blowing up outdoor LED street advertisements in Boston. And not the ones led by Sting that will be performing at the Grammy's next weekend, either. I'm talking about The London Police, the Dutch street-art ensemble. Their first toy is a vinyl interpretation of their iconic Lad figure, which has graced cityscapes all over the world, and will be released at New York Comic Con February 23-25. You can pre-order the figure from My Plastic Heart, who collaborated with The London Police on its creation, and pick it up at their booth at the NYCC, or you can just order if for delivery after the event (it will ship on the 27th). The figure comes in two versions, wink [pictured above] and smile. Each set includes one Lad, one Dog and an interchangeable head in a box designed by The London Police. Each version is limited to 100 pieces and will run you $95, unless you are willing to pick it up at the NYCC, in which case it will run you only $85!

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