Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Sick Cat

Sick KallieI had to take my cat Kallie to the vet yesterday because she hasn't been eating anything for the last week or so. I went out and bought her some of her favorite wet food and some treats because I thought maybe she wasn't eating because she was sick of having the same food all of the time, but she wouldn't eat those either. I was really scared that something serious might be wrong with her and this morning it seems my fears have been justified. She had blood drawn at the vet yesterday for some testing and it seems she has elevated kidney enzymes and an elevated white blood cell count. The vet said it could be something as simple as a urinary tract infection that may have spread to her kidneys or it could be as bad as renal failure or cancer. I am going to start her on subcutaneous injections and antibiotics to see if it is just a urinary tract infection. If that doesn't work, and she has some serious kidney problems or cancer, I might have to have her put down, because I can't afford that kind of treatment. It would be in the thousands of dollars range. So, here I sit, at work, balling my eyes out, trying to type through the tears. All I ask is that all of my readers please pray for my poor little kitty that all she has is a simple urinary tract infection and that it will clear up in a week or so.

Update: Kallie seems to be doing a little better. She is eating on her own again, which is a good sign. I no longer have to hand-feed her individual pieces of food. She is not happy about taking antibiotics and getting daily subcutaneous fluid injections, but she seems to accept it. I've got some nice scratches from giving her the injections. Anyway, I think it is just a urinary tract infection and should be cleared up with the antibiotics. Thanks to everybody who sent me messages of support.


Setholonius said...

sorry to hear about poor Kallie. I hope it's just a uti.

lomax said...

No! Seconding the hope that it's just a UTI.

dopeyscotty said...

Cranberry Juice and ass fucking for now on.

I hope she's ok buddy.