Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Assault! Design StickersWhen walking through SOHO in New York or any other artsy district in any major metropolitan city, I always notice the abundance of assorted stickers representing a kaleidoscope of corporate logos, graffiti, clothing companies, etc. I remember seeing tons of Alife stickers for blocks around their Rivington Club location. Well, now Assault! Design has gotten into the act with stickers of their own. Following up on their wildly popular series of button badges (I have three on my jean jacket), Assault! has produced these beautiful stickers [pictured above]. Unfortunately, you can't buy the stickers separately, but a couple will be included along with future orders. I can't wait to start seeing these crop up on all of the telephone and light posts, trash cans, newspaper machines, etc. in an urban center near me soon. Also, check out the cool illustration that graces the splash page on Assault! Design's website. I would like a sticker of that. Reminds me of the times I spent criss-crossing the country holding up savings and loans. Good times, good times.

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