Thursday, April 06, 2006

The Circus Is Coming

Circus PosterusThe Circus Posterus, that is. Next Friday, April 14th, Wootini will be hosting the opening reception for an exhibition by Circus Posterus, a collection of artist that includes the four contributers to the show: Kathie Olivas, Brandt Peters, Rob Schwager, and Brandon Dunlap. The show starts at 7:00pm and will include refreshments and music provided by Uzi and the rest of the Family. Also, Billy Sugarfix of the band Evil Weiner and Brian Risk have just recorded a new song entitled It's Carrboro that includes lyrics about Wootini, such as:
Wootini got a lot of funky toyz
If you disrespect you betta bring ya boyz
You know you gonna check my stance, my poize
C’mon Carrboro, let’s make some noize!
They plan on shooting part of the video for the song at Wootini. Possibly, according to my inside source, at the opening next Friday. So everyone get your finest gear on and check out the Circus Posterus and the rest of the mayhem that will surely ensue. And you know my name is Ed, stop calling me Shirley.

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