Monday, April 17, 2006

Super Tired

It sure has been a loooooong weekend. It seems like my weekend began last Wednesday night, with the start of Passover, even though I still had to work on Thursday and Friday. My brother, his girlfriend, my sister, and both of our cousins were in town to celebrate Passover. All told, we had fourteen people for the first Seder Wednesday night and ten people for the second Seder (not really a Seder, just a Kosher for Passover meal with the best damn barbecue brisket I have ever eaten) Thursday night. Wednesday night I got rip-roaringly drunk (you have to drink at least four glasses of wine as part of the Passover Seder, depending on which Rabbi's interpretation you follow (in my family we play a Passover drinking game where if you make a mistake reading the Haggadah you have to drink, so it usually adds up to well over four glasses of wine)) and almost didn't make it into work Thursday morning. Thursday night I didn't drink nearly as much, but still had a hard time getting up at 7:00am Friday morning. Then Friday night I was hit with the three "B's": bouillabaisse, bowling and binge drinking! Many brave brain cells were lost in the struggle, but I did manage to look especially suave and handsome in the pictures from that night, like this one for example. Saturday night it was off to Drew and Misty's new house out in the country for Frogmore stew, banana pudding and more drinking, this time with high gravity beer. Then on to The Reservoir to celebrate my sister Leia and the bar owner Mike's birthdays. I prefer The Reservoir when it is less crowded, loud, smoky, and disgustingly humid, but that doesn't happen often. Sunday meant brunch at the 'rent's for Leia's birthday, an afternoon crying in pain on my sofa, a wonderful and delicious Easter dinner at Anne's house, and Sunday night at Ryan and Mary's house working on a t-shirt design for the Duke University Bone Marrow Clinic's annual fundraiser. So there's the explanation of why I am super tired today. Now what y'all really came here for: TOYS!

Fatima vinyl figure by Sam FloresNingyoushi has the new Limited Ed. Fatima vinyl figures by Sam Flores (as reported about in the most recent issue of Juxtapoz) in stock in either pink [pictured above] or green. These "ominously beautiful" female figures are limited to only 450 pieces of each colorway and stand eight inches tall. Cute, but not really my style. I prefer the new Limited Ed. Orus vinyl figures by the excellent graffiti artist Mist. This is Mist's third figure and is a tribute to graffiti artist Orus. Ningyoushi has the pink and black [pictured below] versions available. Each colorway is limited to only 300 pieces and is twelve inches tall (just like my pianist). Pretty sweet! Now back to work. Then sleep.Orus vinyl figure by MistHappy 11 month anniversary Anne, and happy belated two year anniversary for this here Limited Ed. Magazine blog.

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