Wednesday, May 30, 2007

It's Like Dig, Ya' Dig

Copperhead-18 Dig Regular Version Copperhead-18 Dig Special Version
My favorite L.A. hot spot, Span of Sunset, has the new Limited Ed. Copperhead-18 Dig 12" Figures created by Hot Toys and Kennyswork available for pre-order on their website. This is one seriously cool and stupidly expensive figure. The pre-order prices are more expensive than some Limited Ed. 12" figure regular prices. $140 for the regular version [pictured above, left] and $190 for the "special" version [pictured above, right]. Damn! That's just the pre-order pricing?! You will have to pay another $140 or $190 respectively when each of them is ready to ship (that's $280 or $380 total for each... ridiculous). I like the look of these figures and the amazing amount of accessories, they remind me of Brothersfree figures (also produced by Hot Toys), but with the price getting up near the cost of my rent for a month, there is no way I would ever bother with either of these.

Update: The Kenny in Kennyswork is actually Kenny Wong, the director of Brothersfree LTD. That's why they look so similar, d'uh.

Also, check out the Limited Ed. Firespecter 12" figure by Winson Ma (another member of Brothersfree LTD) available at Kidrobot.

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