Friday, May 04, 2007

Insolent Candyfloss


I'm not exactly sure what their name means [Update: Candy Floss is the British word for what Americans call Cotton Candy], but I got an e-mail this morning from Rosa Lykiardopoulos, the creator of a new series of extremely Limited Ed. plush toys called Insolent Candyfloss [pictured above], and they were so cute I had to show them off to the world. Each plushy is limited to only five produced! FIVE! Now that is limited. They will run ya' $65 a piece, but they are lovingly hand-made, so they are worth it. You can get more information about Insolent Candyfloss at their Myspace page, here. Of course, as with all Myspace pages, the formatting is all wonky and annoying and impossible to decipher. Anyway, they're cute, so go buy one.

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