Friday, August 04, 2006

Bloggin' From The Front Desk

Pimp Jive TurkeyOne of my co-workers has been out of the office sick most of this week, which has given me the opportunity to bone up on my front desk skills here at the clinic. Unfortunately, this does not afford me the time to properly participate in blog posts. I have already been delayed in writing this post a couple of times this morning, so I will get down to the nitty-gritty.

My favorite online watch shop, Tokyoflash, has gotten their grubby little mitts on a new Pimp watch known as the Jive Turkey [pictured, left]. Now where I come from, no one would intentionally call themselves a jive turkey, but this watch makes it cool to be jive. Or hip to be square. Turkey! The new, Limited Ed. Pimp Jive Turkey watch utilizes several refractive mirrors and a coated convex camera-style lens to create the illusion that the LED's are moving off into the distance. Apparently, the effect is pretty amazing, and combined with the trademark Pimp animated display, it's a real psychedelic effect, "No drugs required." Although they are encouraged. On a recent trip to a bar, one of the employees of Tokyoflash wore his Pimp Jive Turkey watch and was approached by no less than three women asking about the watch and he even received a free drink when he allowed the bartender to try the watch for a while. Amazing! Now, what would you expect to pay for a watch like this? $500? $350? Well, you can get it now for the bargain basement price of just ¥15800 or just $135.51! But wait, there's more. Not only do you get the watch, but it also comes with a case and instructions in both English and Japanese! Truly astounding!

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Robertogee said...

This is my fourth TokyoFlash watch. Obviously, I'm pleased. Fantastic watches. This one? I resisted, because the pix make it look like a kid's toy. It's anything BUT! Yes, the animations reach to "infinity." Yes, they're blindingly bright. Yes, they vary each time. Yes, you can bypass them and go directly to the time by pressing twice. Yes, people are fascinated.

What grows on you is the beautiful sculptural quality of the watch and bracelet. Solid stainless steel. Massive. Yet not heavy (170 gms) to wear.

I'm a guy with a relatively small wrist, and I love this thing. I understand why people can't take their eyes off it. Neither can I.

Oh, yeah. It's a limited edition. You won't see THIS coming and going!