Thursday, August 10, 2006

Comic Con Exclusives At MPH

OX-OP ScarygirlTouma Kaiju Magman
El Panda Sweet & SourHorvath Kaiju Mothman

Alright, I have been getting some complaints from my regular readers about how I haven't updated Limited Ed. in a while. Well folks, I've been busy... so sue me. I guess I will just have to make it up to y'all today with several good old fashioned posts. First of all, My Plastic Heart is selling several Comic Con exclusive toys that they brought back for everyone who couldn't make it out to San Diego this year. Unfortunately, several of them (the ones that I wanted) are already sold out. But you can still get your grubby little mitts on some cool never-to-be-seen-again exclusives like the Limited Ed. OX-OP Scary Girl figure [pictured top, left] by Nathan Jurevicius. It is ten inches tall and will run you about a hundred bucks. That's only ten bucks per inch. Cheaper than a penis enlargement and twice as fun! There's also the super-cool Limited Ed. Kaiju Magman figure [pictured top, right] designed by one of my favorite toy designers, Touma. He actually has a couple of cool Comic Con exclusives available through My Plastic Heart; the other being a signed-in-the-box Knucklebear figure [not pictured], but it appears that it is already sold out. I also like the Limited Ed. SDCC Sweet & Sour El Panda figure [pictured bottom, left] and the Limited Ed. David Horvath Kaiju Mothman figures [pictured bottom, right], but unfortunately both of those are all sold out already as well. Oh well, I don't have any money anyway, so what difference does it make to me? Maybe someday I will have the respect I deserve as a Limited Ed. blogger and toy companies will send me samples to review. That would be sweet! Until then, I will just have to keep the complaints (and blunts) rolling.

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