Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Die Deutsche Shyster Und Dummkopf!

Audio Kontrol 1Native Instruments, my favorite software synthesizer producer (probably because they are the only ones that still work on my entirely out-dated G3 iBook), has just released a new hardware midi controller called the Audio Kontrol 1. You gotta' love those Germans their silly misspellings! Anyway, the Audio Kontrol 1 is a midi controller that is designed to work with all of Native Instruments' various soft-synths and other music software. It looks like a very simple controller, with a big knob on the top (who doesn't love big knobs?) and three assignable buttons below it, but apparently it is very powerful. There are also several audio inputs and outputs on the front of the device, so you can hook all of your equipment into it for your production neccessities. There are various lights on the top of the Audio Kontrol 1 to let you know the stats of everything that is connected to it and that it is connected to. I'm not sure how effective this device would be on its own. It looks like something that would need to be used in conjunction with other devices, as a soundcard-like device, but according to the Native Instruments website it is much more than just a soundcard. In any case, it is not compatible with my computer or operating system. Maybe when I get a new computer and a job as a sound engineer I will have an opportunity to use this device, but until then I think I will just stick with my Midiman Oxygen 8 for all of my midi needs.

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