Monday, August 28, 2006


SnailbotI got an e-mail yesterday from Oddica, a t-shirt thing/artist collective based in Southern California. I like their graphic design. Very clean, nice lines, interesting subject matter, and, of course, they print on quality American Apparel t's. Oddica has a wide variety of artists that they represent including Robert Wilson [pictured, left], Jordan Crane, Simon Noynay, Miguel Cervantes, Matt Whitaker, Stubby Pencil, Julie Hill, etc. There are really too many to list them all. One of the really nice things about Oddica is their artist profit sharing. Artists receive 41% of Oddica's net profit annually and receive royalties in perpetuity, $500 per commissioned design, 12 shirts of their design, 50 buttons, and two other Oddica shirts for each design completed. It's a pretty freakin' sweet deal. Unfortunately, they aren't taking any new artists at the moment, or I would try to sign up. But that doesn't mean you can't buy some fine, high-quality shirts from them and support your favorite artist at the same time!

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