Thursday, August 17, 2006

Thailand Video Blogs

Thailand Video BlogsThis is the second time I have written this post because the first time Firefox crashed and I lost everything I had written and the "Recover post" button in Blogger never actually works for me. I don't know why they even have it available. It does absolutely nothing. They should put a question mark after it. It should read "Recover post... maybe?" Anyway, as I had written before (which none of you have read yet), it has been a slow news week in terms of Limited Ed. items, and Mac was a little concerned about the fact that I highlighted his drinking, as well as my own, in my last post. So he sent me a link to Thailand Video Blogs because he though Seth would be interested in it (Seth shot his first feature film, The Elephant King, in Thailand). Speaking of Seth, he just got back from shooting a pilot for a comedy cooking show entitled Cook Like a Man out in L.A. I have seen a rough cut of it, and it is hilarious. Hopefully it will get picked up soon. I think it would work great on Comedy Central. They don't have any cooking shows yet. Until it gets picked up, Seth will just have to be satisfied with the new job he just got working on the show MADE on MTV. Keep your eyes peeled for some of that good old-fashioned Grossman humor appearing on MTV soon. Now I just wish I had cable so I could watch it.


Setholonius said...

did you hear they found the dude who killed (and purportedly stump-fucked) Jon Benet Ramsay in Bangkok? that dude was probably my neighbor.

Limited Ed. said...

Yeah, but according to what I have been reading, he is probably not the real killer. Just a pedophilic freak who is a little too obsessed with a dead child-beauty-pageant contestant.