Thursday, August 10, 2006

Wow! Another Post!

Phat Crew t-shirtI just wanted to give y'all something else to read today in case you were getting bored this afternoon. I have plenty of work to do, but there are so many cool things going on in the world of Limited Ed. that I had to let y'all in on it. First of all, Moog has a new Limited Ed. t-shirt [pictured above] available in honor of the fact that the Little Phatty is finally in production. The t-shirt says "Phat Crew" on the front (something I'm sure everyone wants to be associated with), "Sonic Infinity" and "Little Phatty, Analog Synthesizer" on the back and features an illustration with a DJ, a keyboard and break-dancers; reminiscent of the Get Fresh Crew of the early 1980's. Pop-lockin' beats from Korea, b'yatches! This t-shirt is alright, but I would prefer to have the keyboard it is associated with much more.

Kaws x Reas Glitter Bitch TwinsSecondly, the Limited Ed. Kaws x Reas Twins figures have finally arrived in stores. Sold Out is the first online store to send me e-mail letting me know that they have them in stock. They have the brown and pink variety available. Then Kix-Files sent me an e-mail letting me know they have the special Glitter Bitch edition [pictured above] available. Dirty! These will go fast, so get your hands on them while you can. That's all for now. Maybe more later.

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