Monday, June 12, 2006

Whatever It Takes

Redneck Hockey t-shirtWhile everyone else in the world has their attention firmly focused on the World Cup, us crazy backwards rednecks down in North Cackalacky have our eyes steadily situated on the Stanley Cup. Yep, that's right, rednecks love hockey! Who woulda thunkit? Of course, if you look closely at a redneck and a hockey player you will notice some striking similarities. For example: lack of teeth, surly disposition, always holding a stick, etc. Now Redneck Hockey paraphenalia may not be Limited Ed. (I have seen it all over town), but it is sometimes hand-made. Of course, if you are not willing to make your own bedsheet-turned-Redneck-Hockey-banner, you might consider purchasing one of these fine Redneck Hockey [pictured above], Property of Caniacs or Puck Edmonton t-shirts. They are all quite stylish and made out of cotton. Cotton, people! You can't beat that! And you can't beat the 'Canes. Just like you can't beat a redneck. Dumb bastards just come back for more. Go 'Canes!


The Puritan said...

hey limited ed--i wasn't sure how else to get in touch with you. i wanted to see if you have any interest in designing something for the puritan rodeo show homepage--something that says (figureatively) PURITAN RODEO SHOW! i'm gettin' sick of looking at our ugly asses everytime i have to check out the site. lemme know.

j. goodwater

Slovak34 said...

Hopefully we can finish them off tonight. Let's Go Canes!