Thursday, June 01, 2006

Phrench Photography

Eclair rose
My dad sent me a link to the work of French photographer André Adamsbaum, the cousin of one of his students in the Aesthetics of Digital Photography class he just finished teaching at the Duke Institute for Learning in Retirement. The site features abstract photographs of graffiti from around Paris; close-up pictures of tagged, painted, textured surfaces that almost appear to be abstract paintings due to their close proximity to the subject and the way the images are cropped. They remind me of the combine paintings of Robert Rauschenberg: Bed and Canyon for example. Adamsbaum's website needs a little work, but his photographs are beautiful. Unfortunately, I don't speak French, so I can't really interpret anything in his artist's statement or let y'all know where you can get copies of his work, but if Anne were here I bet she could help with that. Oh well. Maybe she'll post a comment. Until then, just sit back and enjoy the pretty pictures.

Update: as per Anne's instructions, I checked out the translation and figured out you can get copies of his prints in either A3+ (300 x 428 mm) or A4 (204 x 291 mm) sizes on archival-quality paper printed with archival-quality ink. Prints are Limited Ed. and signed. Price and availability upon request. Send e-mails to André at adamsbaumphotos [at] aol [dot] com.


Anne said...

Put it into the translator and I guarantee the results will be much more amusing than anything I could come up with.

papa will said...

Also reminds me of some early DeKooning, before he got obsessed with saber toothed women.

Andre said...

I traced back the posted message concerning my website.
I identified my cousin who attended the course at Duke University.
Following your comment, I decided to let my website speak english at least a little.
My cousin who knows french very well translated and improved my french wording.
Now, you may visit again without any translation problem.
Next step will be to improve the general structure of the website. It is on the way.

Website address :

Thank you very much for your visit and your interest.

Andre Adamsbaum

AAdamsbaum said...

Please note that, following a reorganisation of my website, the link to my images changed
Previously :
Now :