Friday, June 23, 2006


In 1966, the nation that gave birth to the Beautiful Game was finally crowned World CupTM champion. Stolen shortly before the tournament, there was almost no trophy to award. Fortunately, a dog named Pickles sniffed out the trophy under a London hedge. Celebrate the '66 World CupTM champions and national hero Pickles with this collection.
Yep, that's right, just like a story out of a Disney® movie, a dog saved the World CupTM in 1966. Sounds like the plot of one of those horrible Air Bud wastes of film stock. You can show your support for England and its favorite pup Pickles by purchasing one of these fine, Limited Ed., long-sleeve Adidas football jerseys. They don't appear to be up on the Shop Adidas website yet, but keep checking back for your chance to celebrate a very furry piece of footie history. I really just like them because they match the colors of my blog. And with the U.S. out of the running, this is the only way I can root for an English-speaking team.

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