Monday, June 26, 2006

A Toy With My Name

Andrew Bell Psycho ZliksI got an e-mail from My Plastic Heart today letting me know about some new figures that they have in for pre-order. They are Andrew Bell's Zliks subterranean creatures. And they have my name, well, my nickname... sorta. When I was going to school at Savannah College of Art & Design my nickname was 'Lik'. And these are Zliks. Close... very close... maybe too close. Anyway, these are cool little creatures that remind me of a much more disturbing version of that classic Muppet Show skit with the little aliens that popped up out of the ground. Same idea, not nearly as bloody. The Zliks come in three flavors, Oil, Psycho [pictured above] and Natural. Obviously, I like the bloody Psycho version the best. They match my blog colors. All of the Zliks are on pre-order for $46.99.

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