Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Spank 'Em!

WALL SpankersI was checking out the classified section on the Arts Ramble website and stumbled across an ad for, another website devoted to "sticker culture, graffiti, street art, design, artist exposure, worldwide community and having hella fun." I really like the concept behind this site, though. It is pretty simple, but cool. You can submit your black and white sticker ideas to them and then other members of the community can download your stickers and "spank" them around their hometown. Then, like Shepherd Fairy's Obey Giant stickers, your stickers will be in places that you have never even been to. WALLspankers will also be publishing a quarterly 'zine featuring sticker designs that you can take to your local copy shop and have them photocopy so that everyone gets their stickers up everywhere. It is a pretty ingenious idea and it is just starting out, so if you are interested you can get in on the ground floor. The website is still under construction, so they don't have the downloadable designs up yet for printing, but they do have a gallery section where you can view artist's designs and graffiti pics. I have plenty of sticker ideas already in the works, so I am glad I stumbled across this site. I can't wait to get my stickers spanked in places that I have never been to before! I really just like spanking. So dirty.

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