Monday, June 05, 2006

Erik Nasinnyk On Erasoul

Propagation by Erik NasinnykI was stumbling blindly about the internet this afternoon when I happened upon experimental abstract hip-hop, down-tempo, electronic, photography, art, and design. I have never heard of these guys before, but they've got some pretty nice stuff on their website. They are an online store and symposium for the exchange of music, photography, paintings, and design. They have everything from new music reviews and links to music on to Mr. T t-shirts for sale. They also have prints of photographs taken by Erik Nasinnyk, one of Erasoul's artists. But even better than his photographs are Erik's paintings and drawings, which can also be purchased from the Erasoul website. I really appreciate his abstract, graffiti-inspired style, like in the painting Mindset II. My favorite work of his is a new commisioned piece, Propagation, that he is featuring on [pictured above]. His work has been featured this year at the L'Autre Galerie in Montreal, the 3 Feet High exhibit at Maxwell's in Hoboken, New Jersey and at the 2nd Annual Skateboard Show at The Unknown Gallery in Salt Lake City, Utah. Like the photographs of André Adamsbaum that I featured in my last post, Nasinnyk's dark yet whimsical work is comparable to that of Robert Rauschenberg and the early paintings of Willem de Kooning.

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