Friday, June 09, 2006

12-Inch Votoms?!

Votoms Strong Bacchus ScopedogThis makes me happy in the pants. Ningyoushi has available for pre-order the new Limited Ed. 1/12 scale Strong Bacchus Scopedog figure from the anime war epic Armored Trooper Votoms.
One hundred years have passed since the Gilgamesh and Balarant star systems first exchanged fire in a galactic war that began as a territorial dispute and eventually tore the entire Astragius Galaxy in two. Hundreds of worlds and billions of lives were consumed by this devastating war. The development of the Armored Trooper, a new form of powered armor, escalated the conflict to unprecedented levels of violence.

Now, after a century of warfare in which neither side was able to claim a decisive victory, a cease-fire has been declared and the promise of peace hangs in the future. But a conflict that has lasted so long cannot end simply. Those who have lived their entire lives in battle have never known peace, and there are others who stand to profit from continued hostilities.

It is during the last stage of the war that this story begins, in the darkness of space near a small asteroid on the edge of the galaxy...
Sounds very similar to the conflict in the Middle East, except it takes place in outer space. Anyway, this fully-articulated Scopedog figure stands a whopping twelve-and-a-half inches tall, features over 300 individual parts, removable armor plating, a GAT-22 heavy machine gun with removable magazine, an extra set of hands, rotating telescopic lens, special internal spring mechanism for simulating an arm punch and stand-by mode, concealed wheels in the base of the feet for gliding, and the cockpit opens to accomodate seating for the Chirico Cuvie action figure (sold separately). Pretty sweet! This item is scheduled to ship in August, so get your pre-order in now.

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