Wednesday, March 29, 2006

New Moooooooooooog!!!

Moog Little PhattyI know everyone else has probably already well-documented this tremendous event, but Moog, mine and everyone else's favorite analog synthesizer producer, has just announced the release of the new Limited Ed. Little Phatty!!! Could there be a better name for a new Moog synthesizer? I don't think so. Just check this beauty out [pictured, right]! The Little Phatty features a 100% all analog signal path, sound engine from Bob Moog himself, and a low price (if you consider nearly $1500 a low price (it is for a Moog)). In terms of tech specs, the Little Phatty features a 37-note keyboard, 100 user editable presets, 2 ultra-stable oscillators, 1 Low Pass Filter (Patented Moog Ladder Filter), 4-Stage Analog Envelope Generators, and RAC™ (Real Analog Control), a proprietary technology enabling the performer to directly interface with the analog circuitry via the knobs on the control panel, without any digital processing. What extraneous information! Moog will initially release a special, Limited Ed. run of 1,200 individually numbered Bob Moog Tribute Edition synths. The limited run, Tribute Edition of the Little Phatty has special Moog wood side panels, a Bob Moog signature plate across the front and rear, comes with a CD-ROM featuring highlights of the Bob Moog Memorial Celebration Service and a special Bob Moog poster. Me wanty!

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