Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Happy Birthday To Me!

Just like the Cracker song says! I received my birthday present from my brother Seth, sister Leia, and cousins Stacie and Scott today and boy am I excited! That's the reason for all of the exclamation points! I was expecting something special when I heard that all four of them went in together on my present, and I was not disappointed.

My blog is all about Limited Ed. stuff, but I mainly focus on urban vinyl figures and sneakers because I'm from the streets, yo, and that's what the kids on the streets are all about.Kidrobot Dunny 001 Chocorange Sneakers I mentioned these in a previous post, but I figured I should go into more detail now that I have a pair of my own. So, without further delay: Mi Familia came together to get me a pair of Limited Ed. Kidrobot Dunny 001 Chocorange sneakers [pictured, right].

Combining my two passions, toys and kicks, these dope sneakers are really something to behold. The Chocorange version, designed by Bill McMullen and limited to only 500 pairs, are my personal favorite because they are my favorite color scheme and because I love chocolate and oranges. When I got the package and noticed that it had a big sticker on it saying, "Inspected by U.S. Customs Officials," I was a little afraid of what might be inside. Maybe a dead spider-monkey stuffed full of cocaine. Luckily, I didn't have to worry, and Kallie the Kat quickly took over the outer box as her new napping place.

When I opened the inner shoe-box, the distinctive smell of fresh vinyl nearly overwhelmed me. I debated for several minutes over whether or not I should even take the shoes out of the box, and after that, whether or not I should put them on. I decided that it wouldn't be right to leave my birthday present sitting in its box, so I put on my favorite orange shirt, my best pair of brown cords and rocked them to work with the Dunny kicks. The sneakers are very comfortable, like a new pair of Nike Dunks, and the construction is top-notch, even if they were put together in China (what isn't these days). There were a couple of little burrs on the rubber soles and a stray thread here and there, but nothing a sharp pair of scissors couldn't remove. Very nice for Kidrobot's first attempt at their own sneakers. Thank you very, very much for my birthday present Seth, Leia, Stacie, and Scott!


Gigi Lee said...

So glad you like your birthday present! I'm sorry we didn't include a card in the box, but I was so overwhelmed in the store that I forgot. Plus, I'd already sent you a card on my own.
Scott and I debated on whether to go for the orange/brown or green combination, but one of the guys at the store was wearing the green pair and it was just too blinding and took away from his very attractive countenance. I figured they'd do the same for you.

Limited Ed. said...

Yeah, I definitely like the Chocorange better than the Grasshopper. The only complaint I have is that the soles are white, so they get dirty easily. That almost kept me from wearing them outside.