Monday, March 13, 2006

Chili Today... Hot Tamale!

South of the Border ChucksI got an e-mail from Converse® letting me know that they have a new series of 11 pairs of South-of-the-Border-inspired, Limited Ed., individually hand-painted Chucks available online. These colorful and exotic Chucks were hand-painted in a small village in Mexico, not at South of the Border in Dillon, South Carolina, like I originally suspected. I'm sure they would be just as colorful but a lot cheaper if they were created at South of the Border. According to the Converse® website:
15 artists create original, hand-painted designs on their Converse canvas. The bright colors and motifs draw heavily on wildlife themes and are based on design from traditional jicara bowls.

Each pair is an original work of art. Previously available exclusively in Converse boutiques around the world, only 11 pairs are now being offered for sale online - and only to members of our Chuck Fan Club. The price for these exclusive shoes is $300 each.
You better hurry and sign-up for the Converse® Chuck Fan Club if you would like a pair of these since there are only 11 pairs available. This is a philanthropic effort to preserve the indigenous artistic traditions of rural Mexican villages. Converse will randomly select respondents for this offer on March 20, 2006 and make contact via phone and email. Respondents will have up to three days to complete the purchase process. If the order is not completed, Converse will randomly select another respondent until the purchase is completed. Each pair is only available in one size because these are individual works of art.

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