Tuesday, March 28, 2006

A Mixed Bag Of Nuts

You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have... New York City! Every time I go to the city I have a different experience. Some exciting and adventurous, like when I went up to see Radiohead at Madison Square Gardens. Some depressing and horrible, like when I went up with a broken wrist to try to get a job at a modeling agency and it was cold and rained so bad it was coming up from the ground the whole time, and the job turned out to be a scam. This past weekend's adventure was a little of both. The good consisted of an amazing meal at Peter Luger's Steakhouse beginning with before-dinner drinks at cousin Scott's apartment, an enormous portion of beef and bacon, and after-dinner drinks at 6's and 8's, which happens to be very close to the Alife Rivington Club, another positive experience in the city this weekend. Segue into: the Alife Rivington Club is located in a fairly non-descript building on Rivington Street and Suffolk, near Delancey. There is no storefront, just a clean marble facade and a small brass plaque to distinguish the store from the surrounding buildings. You have to ring a bell and be buzzed into the store. Then you are judged by the staff and deemed worthy to examine the fine, high quality sneaker gear inside. I got a t-shirt, because that was all I could afford. I would have taken pictures, but my camera was in my mother's car in the Manhattan impound lot. Yep, that was the bad part of the trip. I drove up with my mother, which was alright, but I would have preferred if Anne had been able to ride up with me. I parked my mother's car in what appeared to me to be a legitimate parking spot, but apparently the New York Shitty Department of Transportation did not agree. So I had to deal with my mother's freak-out, paying $185 to get the car out, and missing a day of work due to the fact that the Manhattan impound lot is the only impound lot in New York City that is closed on Sundays. Other than that it was quite an enjoyable trip. Lots of driving, but a lot of fun and good food as well. Like my mother always says, "I love noshing on nuts!"

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