Monday, April 12, 2004

What Tha' Fizzle?!

So I didn't post anything all weekend long. For one thing, on Saturday, Blogger was all on the fritz and I couldn't get it to publish any of my changes. Then yesterday was Sunday, and you know what that means. Limited Ed. was on the golf course all day trying to improve his slice. You know, Mario Golf for the Nintendo Game Cube really doesn't improve your game in real life. Neither does watching Phil Mickelson win the masters, but it sure is fun seeing another lefty play so nice. Anyway, I got a couple of things here for y'all. First, it's the Loft Cube by Werner Aisslinger. It's completely customizeable, and more importantly, portable. Oh yeah, and completely unaffordable. According to the website:
Imagine a place where your neighbours fly, and windows are 360 degrees wide. A place where you can work, relax... and share life with your friends. Imagine the endless possibilities of living on a rooftop... welcome to the LoftCube. A living unit for passionate individuals. See you on the rooftops...
O.K. If that wasn't enough to stimulate your senses, check out the pics from the 2004 New York Auto Show held last week at the Javitts Center. I especially like the new Mini Convertible and the Mustang GT-R concept car. Both would be great for the transportationally-impaired Mike, but unfortunately he could afford neither.

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