Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Penis 'N Asia

Here's something strange that came up when I did a google search for Limited Edition. It's a website dedicated to the Limited Ed. Pelikan M1102 Hercules Fountain Pen. No purchase information located on this page, but if you go to the home page for Pens In Asia there is a link to some nefarious looking buying procedures. I don't know if I trust this Tay Gek Hong person. I also found this Limited Ed. pimpin' computer case while wandering through the google. It is supposed to be one of the best in the biz, brought to you by Mountain Mods. Here's a little more info on their company:
Mountains represent the extreme!

Here at Mountain Mods we also represent the extreme, the extreme in PC modification and performance. It is our goal to offer truly unique items with the highest levels of Function and Form on the market.

Mountain Mods came into existence in June of 2003. In Late July, 2003 our U2-UFO case was reviewed for the first time. From that date forward our popularity has continued to grow worldwide at increasing rates. The U2-UFO has evolved from the beginning with a single line into a multi-colored - multi-featured line. Just as the U2-UFO has evolved so will Mountain Mods. The future holds new lines of product featuring new designs never before seen on the market.
Only twenty of these U2-UFO Pimp Rigs will be made (ten with clear lexan windows and ten without), so go out and waste your money today!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, if you want to check out where Limited Ed. gets his Limited Edition clothes, this is it!

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