Tuesday, April 13, 2004

What A Choad!

Sir Richard Branson, founder of VirginTM and giant choad, owns his own island in the British Virgin Isles! And for more money than you can afford, you can visit him (well, not you, but someone rich). And you probably won't actually get to visit him because he is probably off somewhere getting his urethra enlarged for some fun sounding experiments. If thinking about that didn't get you hard, than maybe this will. A website dedicated to the Limited Ed. 1969 Mustang 600! Hot rods get my rod hot! And, finally, for those more inclined to drive your couch than your car, here's a new European only Limited Ed. crystal X-Box! You can drink crystal Pepsi while playing your crystal X-Box and shoving a crystal butt-plug cat-o-nine-tails up your ass! (You know what I'm talking about Mike!)

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