Friday, April 16, 2004

Leia It's Your Birthday!

I was trying to think of things that Leia likes, so I googled Leia to see what sorts of things I could come up with. I found a couple of her internet musings quite entertaining, so I thought I would share them. First off is this quote:
I think that younger Jewish comedians are missing. Adam Sandler sticks out, though I'm sure there must be more. What about other forms of media? Books, magazines, etc that are forms of entertainment. Now there are a few magazines, like Heeb magazine, which are focused on young Jewish culture.
Also, an analytic focus on why Jews are so funny, whether it's the subject, the "exoticism" of Jews, or the Jewish culture. What makes us a "funny" people?
From The Jewish Museum's website, which she posted last year on my birthday! Coincidence, I think not. Then there's these bar reviews:
The Boat
Smith St @Bergen
The Boat is everything I want out of a dive bar. It's so divey that the red exterior mysteriously leaves off the moniker, offering in its stead a neon Pilsner Urquell sign. I actually didn't know what the name was until maybe my third or fourth time in, and that was because I asked the bartender. It's got a hip jukebox with such good music you won't be able to decide what to play, a laid-back bar staff, tables/stools in front, louge-feel in back, fireplace, red interior, bathroom graffiti. The locals pile into this place like shit on grass, but actually smell much better and provide delightful eye candy. - lg

The Gowanus Yacht Club
Smith St @President St.
Contrary to the snobby name of this place, you will feel totally at home at the Gowanus Yacht Club, where you can wash down a hotdog (reg. and veggie) with a nice cold PBR, all for less than $3. This place is usually crowded with Carroll Gardens cool kids, but it is an incredibly welcoming space. The kind bartenders fancy classic rock, or some variation thereof, which feels so good, and takes me back to high school nights when I'd drink cans of Natural Light and make out on the football field. The beers are pretty cheap but there's a good variety, there's food on the grill, and you're in the great outdoors. What more could you ask for? Maybe an insulated space for winter? This outdoor bar is absolutely amazing in the warmer months, but unfortunately goes into hibernation in the colder ones. - lg

Court St @Luquer St
Dog lovers unite. This neighborhood bar named after a pup has an open door policy on canines. But that's not all. With some of the best selection of beers in Brooklyn, you'll be the one who wants to drink out of a bowl. There's a game room in back, a pool table flooding the main room, and Jeff Beck plus some pretty decent funk on the jukebox. I used to frequent this place when I lived in Carroll Gardens, and fell in crush with Jerry, the sweetest middle-aged Irish bartender around. For a while, I thought he was Sparky (it was those beautiful blue eyes), but then I noticed a dog on all their paraphenalia, and figured it out. The bar is limited to beer or wine only, but usually have pretty decent specials on drinks with more than 8% alcohol, for all you fiends out there. Watch out for the three-legged dog; he'll lick your hand till it's raw. - lg
From the good-ish section of the Modular Moods Records website. How Leia got on that website is anybody's guess. Well, now I have a few more clues to what Leia likes: Jews, booze and Modular Moods.

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