Thursday, April 08, 2004

E-bay Adventure

Alright, my second post, I'm starting to warm up a little here. It only took me about four hours to figure out the javascript necessary to get the random header images on this blog to work. What a waste of time, but they do look pretty. Anyway, on to the goodies. Check out these phatty Pumas that I found on e-bay. Only 2004 of them will be made, very Limited Ed. And if you thought those were ridiculously expensive, check out these Nike Laser Dunks designed by Michael Desmond and limited to only 200 pairs. Our old friend Andy Thong in Hong Kong is clearing out some of his old Limited Ed. action figures on e-bay. Check out this Eric So x Three Zero Pilot signed by Eric So and limited to 50 produced way back in 2002. I sure can't afford any of this stuff, or these rare, Limited Ed. Posters from the Neo Grafitti Project from 1999 featuring Shepard Fairey, Barry Magee, Kaws, and Perks, some of my favorite grafitti artists. Here's a pair of rare EVISU Tiger jeans I don't think I would even take out of the box and a Burton iPod Jacket that combines the expense of modern technology and snowboarding. And finally, for you ladies, something you definitely can't afford, this rare 1950's Chanel Haute Couture skirt suit. Is it really worth $2,500? Not to me, but I don't wear women's clothes. Well, not usually. Alright, so those are the results of my e-bay adventure this morning. I will be on the look-out for more goodies later.

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