Monday, September 17, 2007

Is Winter Here Already?

Alife TimsAlife Tims
I woke up this morning freezin' my balls off. It wasn't really that cold, 68 degrees in my apartment, but I had left my windows open last night because it was so nice out and so Kallie could come in and out, and there was a chilly wind that gave me a little bit of a sniffle this morning.

It seems that Alife has decided it is cold enough to announce some winter weather gear already. They have collaborated with Timberland on some new Limited Ed. Wheat Work Boots [pictured above]. I have never really been a big fan of Timberland or their work boots. Personally, I prefer a nice pair of Vasque Sundowners. They are better constructed and last longer. Of course, they don't have the Alife stamp of approval to make them so much more valuable. The Tims will be available starting this Saturday, September 22nd at 11am exclusively at Alife stores for $200.

Alife also has some puffy Penfield Walkabout jackets [pictured below, left] with matching stuff sacks [pictured below, right] that will be available exclusively at the Rivington Club starting on Saturday. If I didn't already have a puffy winter jacket I might be tempted to get the black one when I am up in NYC this weekend, but I'm not really feeling the red or purple version. The ladies may feel different about the purple version, but you gotta' be a special kind of freak to rock that shiny red puffy jacket. Also, I can't really afford $250 for a new winter coat right now. Maybe in a few months when it really starts getting cold. Of course, by then these will be gone.

Alife Penfield JacketAlife Penfield Jacket

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