Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Seth's Birthday!

Air Force 1 SoCal Air Force 1 SoCal Air Force 1 SoCal
Well, it's Seth's birthday again! Another year older and another year sleazier! Make sure you check out his hilarious fantasy football webisodes of The Fantastic Two in honor of his birth... and for McDonald's. I have scoured the internets in search of the perfect presents for Seth for his birthday. I have already gotten him something, but in case any of his other friends read this blog and don't know what to get for him, here are some suggestions. First, we gotta' find Seth a dope pair of kicks. I would suggest the Nike Air Force 1 '07 Low Premium "SoCal Edition" sneakers [pictured above] available at Pick Your Shoes, 'cause Seth is living bi-coastal in New York and LA (SoCal), but I don't think he would rock the pink floral shoes. Instead, for Seth, I am feeling the Puma x Yo! MTV Raps Suede V kicks [pictured below, left]. Seth worked for MTV for a little while, so these are appropriate. And I dig the light blue and heather gray color scheme. Very NC collegiate.
Puma x Yo! MTV Raps Suede V Top of the World UNC Cap
To go along with Seth's new kicks, he is going to need a phat cap. The Top of the World NC Tar Heels Gray Elite 1-Fit Hat [pictured above, right] would do the trick, if the trick you are looking for is matching those kicks. Seth isn't really that big of a UNC fan though, or even a sports fan for that matter, so maybe something less sportsy would be more appropriate for him. I will keep these in mind when Scott's birthday rolls around again, though. Well, there's always a cool t-shirt, toy or watch for Seth. Except that I've already gotten him each of those things for his previous birthdays. I guess it is a good thing I have already gotten him a present this year.


Setholonius said...

How about a good old-fashioned Fleshlight? (available at -- not sure if they have any limited edition versions...)

Limited Ed. said...

Damn, you guessed what I got you! Well, back to the drawing board.