Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Son Of A...

Super7 x Secret Base Inner Demons FrankenghostBITCH!!! Alright, I know I don't ask for much, but if any of my readers are out in San Francisco this weekend, please, please, please stop by the Super 7 Store this Saturday, September 1st at 11:00am and pick me up a Limited Ed. Super 7 x Secret Base Inner Demons Frankenghost [pictured above]. I will reimburse you for the figure, shipping and anything else your heart desires (within certain financial limitations). The figure will run ya' $65 and will probably sell out within a few minutes. I'd say 15 at the most. It is not often that a toy like this one comes around, so I'm sure there won't be any leftovers to go on the online store, unfortunately. Well, there's always ebay, suckas.

Update: Inner Demons Frankenghost is now available for purchase from Super7 here.

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