Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Shiitake Sighting

I just got back to work from my trip to New York for my bro's birthday celebration. It was a wild and crazy New York City apartment party with way too many people (all of whom were wealthy and beautiful) squeezed into a way too small apartment with crappy air-conditioning. Everyone tried to hang out on the balcony because that was literally the coolest place to be. The cops showed up at around 11:30pm to tell us to be quiet, which we did for about five minutes. Then we were kicked out at 1:30am after too many of the neighbors complained about the noise. So we went to a bar around the corner which we took over until 3:00am. The balcony of my brother's apartment faces the back of the Chelsea Hotel, and it was Saturday night, so I figured the noise wouldn't be a problem, but apparently not everyone appreciates a good NYC apartment party. Oh well, it was fun anyway.

Boxer ShroomAlright, now on to the Shiitake Sighting contest 1st prize: the World Champ Boxer Shroom [pictured above]. "Boxer Shroom doesn't speak too much with his mouth but says a lot with his gloves. He always gives the competition a fat lip!" This toy is not available in stores. The only way you can get him is through the Shiitakes Sightings contest! The deadline is October 1st, so get your entries in quick.

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