Thursday, September 07, 2006

Three Is The Magic Number

Cool Asteria LionDEPH Fatcap
I got three e-mail announcements today from three different toy stores, so you know it's going to be a good day (even though there is construction going on in my office that is making me crazy!). First off, I got e-mail from My Plastic Heart letting me know that they have quite a few new toys in stock, including the Limited Ed. Asteria Lion figures by Hong Kong artist Alice Chan. Alice Chan is a celebrated illustrator and has worked with such brands as Anna Sui, Colette, and Adidas. There are three different versions of the Asteria Lion, Mimi, Creamy and Cool [pictured above, left, and already out of stock]. The figures stand 6.5 inches tall, come with a knife, a diamond accessory and an island base and are limited to 500 pieces total. MPH also has the Limited Ed. 8-Inch Yeti Qee by Tim Biskup, the 5-Inch Labbit Packs and the Kidrobot Fatcaps Series 1 [DEPH version pictured above, right].

Speaking of Fatcaps, the second e-mail I got was from Kidrobot letting me know the secret location of their Pirate Store in New York, where The Paint Ball will be held tomorrow, September 8th, from 8-11pm. The Pirate Store is located in SoHo at 281 Lafayette Street and The Paint Ball will feature an abundance of huge custom toys, live painting, and free giveaways, drinks, and music. Nick Catchdubs will be spinning as long as the drinks are pouring. In addition to the beats, the first 200 people to arrive will receive a free Nico Berry FatCap, an exclusive Pirate Store release.

Ron Liberti and Doug Barker exhibitAnd the last e-mail that I received was from Wootini letting me know about their next upcoming exhibit featuring Ron Liberti and Doug Barker [poster pictured above] starting tomorrow, September 8th from 7pm until the keg runs dry and they kick everyone out. The exhibit will run through October 10th. The opening will feature a live performance by Dan Melchoir and The Gondoliers (formerly the Spinns). I plan on being there to support my cohorts in their efforts to subvert the dominant paradigm. Join me if you dare!

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