Monday, September 11, 2006

The Legend Of The Mini-Donk

Poncho the ClownOnce upon a time, there was a young gentleman named Josh who was stricken with the unfortunate illness known as Multiple Sclerosis. The only thing Josh wanted more than anything in the world, other than to be healthy again, was a helper donkie. But Josh did not know where to find a little miniature donkey buddy. So he and his friend Limited Ed. went online to search for a mini-donk. They searched and searched and searched until they finally found Big Woods Farm, a national champion quality miniature donkey breeder. And the glorious donkeys of Big Woods Farm roamed freely across the Chapel Hill prairies and went on competitive pleasure rides and Josh and Limited Ed. rejoiced in what they had found. But then Josh had to convince Tina that they needed to share in the pleasure of mini-donk ownership, and Tina was not pleased. Not even by the cuteness of Punkin Pye or the talent of Poncho. Even Poncho dressed as a clown [pictured above] was not cute enough to persuade Tina to let Josh purchase a cute little helper donkie. And so Josh went through life without a helper donkie, relying on his two parakeets, Pretty Boy and Lolita, to comfort him in his hour of darkness. But the story doesn't have to end there. For only a couple thousand dollars, you could help Josh fulfill his dream of mini-donk ownership. Won't you please donate today?

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