Friday, September 29, 2006

I Want A Harmonica For Hanukkah

Six-Sided HarmonicaVia Gizmodo this morning comes this Six-Sided Harmonica from Hammacher Schlemmer. Now, if you know anything about the Limited Ed., you know I am quite proficient when it comes to the mouth harp. I have three of them in different keys: A, C and G. This six-sided harmonica, made by the renowned Hohner instrument company (founded in Germany in 1857), comes in C, D, F, G, A, and B-Flat, blowing away my harmonica menagerie with a single rotating breath.

According to the Hammacher Schlemmer website, "Tremolo harmonicas employ two reeds per note, and each harmonica on this instrument has 24 double holes for a total of 48 reeds per harmonica that produce a warm vibrato characteristic of the world-famous Hohner sound." Blues luminaries from Howlin' Wolf to Junior Wells have used Hohner harmonicas throughout their careers, and this unique musical instrument has been in continuous production since before 1900. Each comb, or central air chamber, of the six-sided harmonica is made of maple for a rich, full tone. The harmonica can be played in its unified wheel-mount form, or dismantled for individual play.

I wonder if Stevie Wonder ever got his hands on one of these bad boys? Now that would be some sweet sound. If anyone needs a Hanukkah present idea for me and has almost 300 bucks to drop, this is the harmonica I wantica.

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