Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Snakes Are Back

Snakeskin WallabeesSnakeskin Wallabees
Our unresponsive friends over at Cool Hunting had a little article yesterday afternoon about some new Limited Ed. Snakeskin Wallabees from the Tannery in Harvard Square in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Now, I'm not a big fan of anything that comes out of Bean Town, I prefer my kicks strickly NYC, but these are some pretty sweet foot warmers, and just in time for the fall (of society). Started as a concept back in 2005, made from dyed Python skin and designed by Bean Town-based Soldier Design in collaboration with Tannery co-owner Tarek Hassan and Clarks Footwear, there are only 15 pairs of these seriously Limited Ed. Wallabee's available and they are only on sale in the Tannery store, not on their website. So if you are in the Boston area (Franklin) pick yourself up a pair and style them with your snakeskin jacket like Nicolas Cage in Wild at Heart.

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