Thursday, September 28, 2006

Another Michael?

Gardener Meets NikeNike has teamed up with another Michael, not Michael Jordan this time, but Michael Lau, for the official opening of the Nike Hong Kong Flagship Store and Kix-Files has the whole story.

According to Kix-Files, Nike Hong Kong proudly announced that the opening of their flagship store will occur on Friday, September 29th, along with the release of the Holiday 2006 Sport Culture Collection. To highlight this memorable occasion and to present the strong fusion of sport and culture, Nike invited renowned Hong Kong designer Michael Lau to unveil his famous Gardener series with the addition of three entirely new Gardener figures. All of the 106 Gardener figures will be dressed in Nike Holiday 2006 outfits and exhibited at the Nike Hong Kong Flagship Store exclusively until October 21st.

Also, Nike will celebrate their first collaboration with Michael Lau with a special sale of Limited Ed. Gardener Meets Nike collectible series [picuted above] starting at 1:06am on Saturday, September 30th. The collectibles, which will cost $1,999 Hong Kong (or $256.66 American), feature a pair of wood grain Nike Dunk Low SB's, a walnut shoe box, a 6" walnut colored NY Fat Michael Lau figure, and a wooden mini skateboard sneaker tag. I'm not sure how many will be produced, but my guess is that it will be under 500.

Nike will also produce a series of three Limited Ed. t-shirts in collaboration with Michael Lau. There will be a Gardener Meets Nike woodgrain t-shirt featuring a walnut mini skateboard tag and mini t-shirt for your NY Fat figure for $569 Hong Kong ($73.06 American), a Running Gardener t-shirt in white and a Running Krylon t-shirt in black, each for $499 Hong Kong ($64.07 American) and each featuring a mini t-shirt for NY Fat. Pictures of all three can be viewed at the Kix-Files blog.

All in all, it looks like a lot of money could be spent in Hong Kong this weekend. And I get paid at the end of the week! Somebody call my travel agent and get me a ticket to Hong Kong! Just kidding, I can't afford this shit. And even if I could, I don't have enough room in my apartment for any more collectible sneakers and toys. Sorry Nike and Michael, maybe next time.

The Nike Hong Kong Flagship Store is located at Shop 38-40 Manning House, 48 Queen’s Road Central in Hong Kong. Call Hong Kong +852 2526-7620 for more information.

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