Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Two Great Tastes That Taste Great Together

Bong Vodka Artist SeriesMy favorite vodka brand, Bong Vodka, has just released a series of artist-designed bottles and cases created by the likes of OGI, Yosoh, Jason Thielke, and Matthew Curry that will be available in select locations at the end of August. These are probably the coolest looking vodka bottles I have ever seen, followed closely by those frosted bottles with an image viewable on the reverse side through an unfrosted window, created by the likes of Chopin, Belvedere and Grey Goose. With Bong Vodka, however, you can also create your own images on their bottles, boxes, t-shirts, or CD compilations by visiting Spirit of the Brand. Seriously Limited Ed. The company donates a portion of all sales to the arts community. That's cool. How about donating a bottle of Bong Vodka to a starving artist like myself so I have something for inspiration on those cold, lonely, Carrboro summer nights? Jackson Pollock was a vodka drinker, wasn't he?

[Via Cool Hunting]

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Anonymous said...

But as you well know, DO NOT under any circumstances fill your real bong with vodka of any name. It'll give you a wicked headache!

Now, where's my glass drill bit?