Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Swatch Beware

Tokyoflash WatchesTokyoflash has some new Limited Ed. watches available. They have three new EleeNo watches; the Eye Test, the Orbit [pictured above, right] and the Cranky. They are all conventional analogue watches with reflective silver faces. Only the Orbit features actual numbers on the face for telling the time, though. Tokyoflash also has the new Limited Ed. L Version by Twelve 5-9 [pictured above, left] in stock. They have four variations available; gun metal or brushed silver finish with either blue or white LEDs. This watch features Kanji characters for the numbers, so you will have fun trying to figure out what time it is while learning a new language. "...If someone asks 'How do you tell the time on that?' simply reply in Japanese 'Jyu Ni Ji San Jyu Happun desu' (It's 12:38)." And at ¥12590, it's a bargain to do so.

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