Friday, June 27, 2008


Mark Gonzales Sweatpants DeckMike Vallely Elephant DeckSteve Caballero Dragon DeckRay Barbee Ragdoll Deck
Turntable Lab has got some sick reissue skateboard decks in stock from the likes of Gonz, Mike V, Cab, and my personal favorite Ray Barbee [pictured above, left to right]. Man, I want that Barbee board so bad! I wanted it so bad when I was a kid, but my local skate shop didn't carry it, so I just saw it in copies of Thrasher and Transworld Skateboarding Magazine. It's summer time and I feel like shredding. Damn I wish there was an empty pool near my apartment complex or a concrete park in the vicinity. Maybe, when we move out to LA, Anne will let me go skateboarding in one of the parks out there. I will wear my pads and helmet so's I don't hurt myself (more). I just hope the young kids don't laugh too hard at this old fogy out there carving it up 80's style. Radical!

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