Friday, June 13, 2008

A Face Only A Mother Could Love

artwork by Brendan DanielssonWootini has a new exhibit opening tonight featuring the work of Brendan Danielsson [pictured above], Jason Murphy, Katie Ridley, and Meagan Ridley of the Art Dorks Collective. The show will begin at 7 pm this evening and will run through August 5th. There will be snacks and drinks at the opening reception and "Family" is expected to bring the music. Here's what Michael had to say about the show:
So who are the Art Dorks? Brendan Danielsson originally started it as a web community which grew into the young artist collective it is today. If they fit into a genre, it would be something between Pop Surrealism, Low Brow, and a 1980's hightop sneaker. Being young artists, they've been collectively bombarded with media since the day they were born and it's bound to influence their work.

Let's talk a little about the contributing artists for this show. The Ridley sisters, Jason Murphy and Brendan Danielsson all attended the Ringling School of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida. Like one big giant artist family, Brendan and Meagan have been married for 2 years, and Jason and Katie will wed later this year making them all 'kin'. They all currently live in Atlanta and work (or have worked) for CNN. Katie is a part time designer for CNN and a freelance illustrator while Meagan is a designer for CNN Headline News. Brendan works as a compositor for CNN. Jason is a designer for Mind's Eye, but at one time worked for CNN. But don't judge them with media bias, or confuse them with the "fair and balanced" fox news people. It's just that they need to pay the bills somehow.
If I get out of work early enough, maybe I will head over for the opening. If Anne lets me out of the apartment. She likes to keep me tied up in the laundry room. We'll see!

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