Thursday, June 05, 2008

OMG! That's Huge!

Is what she said... last night... just kidding (not really). It's what I said about the 4-foot-tall Kaws One Companion produced in association with Medicom [pictured above], that will be available, along with some other new merchandise, from Kaws and Original Fake today at noon. As is the case with all of Kaws' goodies, these will surely sell out within fifteen minutes. Except maybe the 4-foot-tall Companion. I'm not sure how many thousands of dollars it will go for, but it might take a while to sell out, depending on how many were made, which I'm guessing was not a lot. Anyway, happy hunting, those of you who attempt to enter the purchasing frenzy today.

Update: The 4-foot-tall Companion is $3,000!!! And is available right now! Along with a few t-shirts, a couple of polo shirts and board shorts. Hurry, I'm sure they will be gone soon.

Update 2: Well, the 4-foot Companion is gone already, along with most everything else. There is still one t-shirt and the polo shirts available, but I figure they probably won't last the night.

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