Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Death To The Humans!

Our robot overlords are here to oppress us, finally. Well, just in vinyl form, that is. Anyway, M.Heisler has a new Slobot to gawk at and a whole list of upcoming shows. Here's more info about the Slobot Farmer [pictured above]:
Slobot FarmerName: SLOMUNNYV4

Type: Custom 7" Kidrobot Munny

Story: Created for the TOY BOX APATHY show in Las Vegas, NV in the upstairs gallery at THE ATTIC LAS VEGAS. Custom 7" munny (approx 12" with new legs) with positionable arms, lucite arms and legs, found objects, recyclable materials, positionable "glider" wings, and traditional artist materials.

"SlomunnyV4 is a Martian Agriculture Robot deployed to Mars before the first settlers arrived. His task was to begin growing desert plant species in an effort to increase the oxygen content of Mars. Even though Mars has been settled for many years now, SlomunnyV4 continues to go about his job with genuine happiness and good will towards Earthlings, Martians, and their respective animals. He happily spends his days bouncing and gliding over the Martian countryside using his wings for added stability in the low gravitational field of Mars."
You can see more pictures on the Slobots website here. The show at The Attic opens this Saturday, June 6 at 7pm. Future Slobot show involvement includes "Monster Mayhem" at Gallery at East Atlanta Tattoo from June 13 through July 28, "16 Inch Qee Show" at APW Gallery in July, "Nonpareil" at NOWhere Limited from July 4 to July 28, and "Summer Munny Show" at Lift Detroit in August. Check them out if they are in your town. Maybe you let me know how they went?

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