Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hearts & Souls For Sale

Brent Nolasco custom Kaws x Pushead CompanionBrent Nolasco custom Kaws x Pushead Companion

One of my favorite online toy retailers and New York gallery spaces, Myplasticheart, has artwork from their recent exhibit Broken Hearts & Stolen Souls by Brent Nolasco available for sale here. My favorite piece, Brent's take on Kaws and Pushead's classic Companion, entitled Dead Beat [pictured above], has already sold, unfortunately. Well, that's the case with their work, it always goes quick. And it is usually way too pricey for someone like me to afford anyway. I would definitely be willing to trade a piece of my artwork for one of his, though. My favorites (that haven't been sold yet) are No End in Sight and Love Me or Love Me Not [pictured below, left to right]. They are both brightly colored and morbidly aesthetic, qualities which I enjoy. A little out of my price range at $400 and $800 respectively, though.

No End in SightLove Me or Love Me Not

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